Centenary of the birth of Miguel Arroyo (1920-2020): Miguel Arroyo and modern furniture design
Date and time: 27 August 2020, at 6 p.m. (GMT - 4)

Docomomo International is pleased to announce the conversation about the work of Miguel Arroyo Castillo (Caracas, 1920-2004), a central figure in 20th century modern art in Venezuela. The presentation  “Miguel Arroyo y el diseño moderno de mobiliario” [“Miguel Arroyo and modern furniture design”] will be given online by Lourdes Blanco de Arroyo and Rafael Pereira Escalona. This cycle is organized by Trasnocho Centro Cultural, Forma M20 and Docomomo Venezuela and will take place on Thursday, August 27, 2020, at 6:00 pm CCS Time (GMT – 4) with the support of the Zoom platform. In the 1950s he designed more than…

Online lectures series “Moradas + Miradas: una nueva primavera para la casa moderna” [“Addresses + Views: a new spring for the modern house”]
11th June ​- 9th July, 2020

Docomomo International is pleased to announce the online lectures series “Moradas + Miradas: una nueva primavera para la casa moderna” [“Addresses + Views: a new spring for the modern house”], organized by Docomomo Venezuela together with the Trasnocho cultural center and with the support of the Zoom platform. In these times, the house is more than ever in a compressed world. The house is now our city. It is now converted into the main fortress and refuge for the survival of the man, the themes of the modern house, in a new and unexpected spring, together with aspirations of contemporary architecture,…

Guidelines for submitting the 2019/2020 Homework
Chapters News

Dear Docomomo Chapters, Due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, we are extending the deadline of June 1st to August 15th, 2020. A plan for new documentation homework has been approved in the last Council Meeting, August 30th, 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia), proposed by the ISC/Registers. With the aim of moving forward to the documentation of conservation good practices, Docomomo Working Parties (WP) have to submit: Working Parties that already have submitted 30 Documentation Fiches and uploaded 50 sites to MOMOVE: (a) 1 fiche for 2019 and 1 fiche for 2020, on an example of Good Conservation Practice. Download the template here: link, and here: link. (b) A bibliography with 5-10 publications (books or articles) on Modern Movement…

Tour day 2019: Bauhaus 100: a celebration
2nd November 2019, Caracas, Venezuela

Weissenhofsiedlung (Stuttgart, 1927 – Caracas, 1952) Docomomo Venezuela has organized a tour day on the 2nd of November with the theme: “Bauhaus 100 – a celebration” to celebrate the Centenary of the Bauhaus and discover its influence in Caracas. The tour will include relevant pieces of the first modern architecture of Caracas (1927-1952) little studied or recognized. Passing by bus through Paradise, San Martin, San Bernardino and La Florida, the docotour will end with a visit to the interiors of the fifth Caoma, residence of the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva and headquarters of the Villanueva Foundation that treasures his documents…

Event: Bauhaus 100 – A celebration
4th July 2019, Trasnocho Cultural, Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela

Docomomo Venezuela together with the embassy of Germany in Caracas, on the occasion of celebrations of the Bauhaus centenary, have organized an event on the 4th of July: “Bauhaus100: una celebración. Von Bauhaus zu Unserem Haus*: escuelas de arquitectura moderna alemanas – influencias en Caracas” [From Bauhaus to our house: German schools of modern architecture – influences in Caracas]. This event took place at Trasnocho Cultural (Room TAC), Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas, on the 4th of July. This event counted with the participation of the architects Rafael Pereira Escalona, Bettina Beckhoff, Omar Seijas, Fernando Micale and Frank Alcock. The poster is available in…

The anniversary of the Villa Planchart by Gio Ponti
8th December 2017, Quinta el Cerrito, Caracas, Venezuela

The Italian Embassy of Venezuela, the Italian Cultural Insitute of Caracas, The Anala and Armando Planchart Foundation and Docomomo Venezuela invite you to an evening to commemorate the diamond anniversary of the Villa Planchart by Gio Ponti (1957-2017), on Friday 8 December 2017, for the benefit of its restoration and conservation as a Modern Monument. Download PDF [Spanish]

Our Architects: American Architecture in Caracas 1925 -1975
July - October 2017, Sala Trasnocho Arte Contacto, Caracas, Venezuela

“La Sala Trasnocho Arte Contacto (TAC), Docomomo Venezuela and the United States Embassy presented OUR architects: en Caracas 1925-1975 [Our Architects: American Architecture in Caracas 1925 -1975], which opened on 25 July 2017 with the support of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) of Columbia University and Docomomo US. In the framework of the 450th anniversary of the founding of Santiago de León in Caracas, this exhibition outlines the various projects and influence that American architects, urban designers, designers and artists contributed to the construction…

Talk with Nikolajs Sidorkovs: “Porqué un Hotel Ávila en Caracas?”
21st September 2017, Sala TAC, Caracas, Venezuela

On 21st September 2017, in the framework of the exhibition Our architects: en Caracas 1925-1975, Docomomo Venezuela organized the talk with Professor Nikolajs Sidorkovs: “Porqué un Hotel Ávila en Caracas?” [Why a Hotel Ávila in Caracas?] at Sala TAC, Trasnocho Cultural, Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela. More details: Download PDF [Spanish]

2nd Seminar Docomomo Venezuela 2017
14th September 2017, Sala TAC, Trasnocho Cultural, Caracas, Venezuela

On 14th September 2017 it was held the 2nd Seminar Docomomo Venezuela 2017 Our Architects in Caracas, with the following lectures: – Oscar Diquez L. Alexander Calder en Caracas – Ernesto Fuenmayor. Una conversación sobre el Centro Urbano El Recreo – Enrique Fernández-Shaw y Hernán Zamora. Emile Vestuti; apuntes al detal, una mirada íntima More details: Download PDF [Spanish]