Article: “Design Activism in the Context of Macau” in urbanNext
By Rui Leão

Docomomo International  shares an article written by Rui Leão, chair of Docomomo Macau, “Design Activism in the Context of Macau” in urbanNext, about the Portuguese School of Macau, designed by the Portuguese architect Raul Chorão Ramalho. “This article focuses on the EPM or Portuguese School of Macau and on the building’s struggle to “survive” as a post-classic monument in a city that navigates a fragile balance when it comes to heritage conservation. The Portuguese School of Macau, previously known as Escola Pedro Nolasco, or Escola Comercial, designed by the Portuguese architect Raúl Chorão Ramalho, is a significant building included as…

Macau Master Plan: What vision and what rules?
Round Table, 26th November 2020

The Rui Cunha Foundation and the Docomomo Macau is inviting you to participate in the Round Table under the theme “Macau Master Plan: What vision and what rules?”, [Plano Director de Macau: Que visão e que regras?] at the FRC Gallery, Thursday, November 26 at 6:30 pm. “The Master Plan, presented for public consultation in September and October 2020, comes after several decades in which Macao has been the subject of several urbanization outbreaks managed with a laissez-faire attitude, sometimes accompanied by Detailed Plans for new landfills , but always in the absence of holistic planning instruments that address social,…

5th Docomomo Macau Seminar: How to extend the Life of Buildings
24 November 2020

Docomomo Macau is inviting you to participate in the 5th Docomomo Macau Seminar: How to extend the Life of Buildings, with Sheridan Burke & Imon Sharif as our speakers, moderated by Ricky Leong. Opening Session starts at 17h45 on November 24 , presented by Docomomo Macau Heritage Assessement Task Force: Presentation of the Rainha D Leonor & Escola Portuguesa de Macau Assessement Reports. “A good building is much more than a functional materialization. It contains the trinity that durability and beauty add to use. So what choices does it face when its function is unplugged or its durability comes into…

Guidelines for submitting the 2019/2020 Homework
Chapters News

Dear Docomomo Chapters, Due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, we are extending the deadline of June 1st to August 15th, 2020. A plan for new documentation homework has been approved in the last Council Meeting, August 30th, 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia), proposed by the ISC/Registers. With the aim of moving forward to the documentation of conservation good practices, Docomomo Working Parties (WP) have to submit: Working Parties that already have submitted 30 Documentation Fiches and uploaded 50 sites to MOMOVE: (a) 1 fiche for 2019 and 1 fiche for 2020, on an example of Good Conservation Practice. Download the template here: link, and here: link. (b) A bibliography with 5-10 publications (books or articles) on Modern Movement…

Heritage Conservation Assessment
3rd of April 2019, C & C Club, Macau

Docomomo Macau is organising a lecture on Heritage Conservation Assessment: Conservation Management Plan in Hong Kong, on the 3rd of April, 2019. The invited speaker is architect Tony Lam and the moderation of the lecture will be done by Tiago Rebocho. Admission is free and the conference will be held in English. Time: 19h00, 3rd of April, 2019 Venue: Auditorium, C & C Club, Macau The poster can be found here.

Students Competion: Descovering Manuel Vicente
1st April - 30th June 2018, Docomomo Macau

Challenge: This competition aims to focus on single built works designed by Manuel Vicente. The students are invited to get acquaintance with the present work and then to produce a critique, a new vision as a personal or team journey throughout one architectonic work. This competition is about building up a new interpretation and creating synergies between architecture and new spectators. Students are ought to respond by means of an audiovisual output. Who can participate: All students from all fields of study can and should participate. Participants can enter individually or collectively. Important dates: 01 April-30 June: Free registration 01 July: Submission…

Exhibition: José Maneiras: Macanese Style Modernist
23rd March - 3rd April 2018, Lou Lim Ioc Gardem, Macau

Docomomo Macau is pleasant to present the exhibition and tribute to the architect José Celestino Maneiras – José Maneiras: Macanese Style Modernist, in Pavillion of Lou Lim Ioc Gardem, Macau. The opening session will be on march 23rd around 18:00 with a lecture by the author himself, with free admission. The exhibition will be open until 03rd April 2018. More details: Facebook event + Download PDF

Seminar: Architecture and its Discontent: Regeneration or the Art of Retention
3rd November 2017,  Fundação Rui Cunha, Macao, China

On 3rd November 2017, the Seminar Architecture and its Discontent: Regeneration or the Art of Retention, organized by Docomomo Macau and Docomomo Hong Kong, will take place at Fundação Rui Cunha, Macao, China. Nasrine Seraji (Professor and Head, Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong) will be the speaker, with moderation of Cecilia Chu (President Docomomo Hong Kong). Early registration through email: More details: Download PDF

Lecture: Interfaces Urbanas, Hong Kong // Rio [Urban Interfaces, Hong Kong and Rio]
14th June 2017, FAU-UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the 14 June 2017 the PROURB, the post graduate program of Urban studies, of FAU-UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) hosted two guest speakers from HKUSPACE. Rui Leão presented “MACAU: o enlace regional” [MACAU:the regional link] and Mona Yeung presented “Urbanismo em Hong Kong e o desenvolvimento do planejamento urbano municipal” [Urbanism in Hong Kong and the development of urban city planning]. Rui Leão is the Chair of Docomomo Macau and Mona Yeung is a member of Docomomo Hong Kong.

Roundtable and Book Lauch: Manuel Vicente. A Desmontagem do Desconhecido by Raquel Ochoa
7th March 2017, Old Court Building, Macau

On 7th March 2017, between 19h and 20:30, the roundtable: “The Legacy of Manuel Vicente” by Raquel Ochoa and Rui Leão, the Chair of Docomomo Macau, and the launch of the book “Manuel Vicente. A Desmontagem do Desconhecido” [Manuel Vicente. The Disassembly of the Unknown] by Raquel Ochoa, will take place at the Old Court Building in Macau, Macau. More details: Facebook event