Public Discussion Series 2020: Docomomo Hong Kong
9th November - 14th December 2020

Docomomo Hong Kong is inviting you to participate in the Public Discussion Series 2020. About the lecture: A four-part public discussion series that engages with a range of topics centering the transnational circulation of the Modern Movement in Hong Kong and beyond. Main Page Link: About the Organizer: Docomomo Hong Kong is the local chapter of the Docomomo International (International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighborhoods of the Modern Movement). Established in 1988, the global organization aims to enhance public knowledge and promote the protection of notable examples of modern architecture and built landscapes around…

State Theatre in Hong Kong saved from demolition

Docomomo International is glad to announce that the State Theatre in Hong Kong is saved from demolition! The historic building will not be knocked down and it will go back to its founding purpose as a cultural venue! docomomo International, docomomo Hong Kong and Walk in Hong Kong proceeded to address the perilous situation of the State Theatre in Hong Kong.  The proposed Grade 1 rating for State Theatre is the result of everybody´s hard work. docomomo International is very pleased to know that all efforts to raise awareness on the heritage significance of State Theatre had a positive repercussion. The initiatives taken…

Guidelines for submitting the 2019/2020 Homework
Chapters News

Dear Docomomo Chapters, Due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, we are extending the deadline of June 1st to August 15th, 2020. A plan for new documentation homework has been approved in the last Council Meeting, August 30th, 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia), proposed by the ISC/Registers. With the aim of moving forward to the documentation of conservation good practices, Docomomo Working Parties (WP) have to submit: Working Parties that already have submitted 30 Documentation Fiches and uploaded 50 sites to MOMOVE: (a) 1 fiche for 2019 and 1 fiche for 2020, on an example of Good Conservation Practice. Download the template here: link, and here: link. (b) A bibliography with 5-10 publications (books or articles) on Modern Movement…

Architecture We Love to Hate
Series of events

15 Controversial Modernist Buildings in Hong Kong Why are certain buildings being deemed ugly and worthless by some people but treasured by others? What are the bases for forming these different opinions? How do judgements made by professionals and the general public affect the perceived value of our built landscapes and their fate in ongoing urban development? This public engagement project,  co-organized by Docomomo Hong Kong and HKICON, with funding support from the Built Heritage Conservation Fund, Development Bureau, HKSAR Government. explored these questions by examining 15 controversial modernist buildings in Hong Kong. Some key questions to consider include: What…

Seminar: Architecture and Its Discontent: Regeneration or the Art of Retention
3rd November 2018, Fundação Rui Cunha Auditorium, Macao, China

We have never built as much as in the past 50 years; architecture has always been about virility, demolition, construction, building, structure, and creation, never about conservation, negotiation, participation and preservation. Renewal, rebirth, revival, renaissance, rejuvenation and restoration are only a few synonyms of what we need to consider in the wake of emergent crisis ranging from climate change to clash of political systems to never-ending financial speculations. Europe, America and the West generally are moving toward radicalisation, privatisation as well as a post-modern version of media freedom. Are emerging economical powers the only places where new debates and invention are possible? Architecture is often…

Seminar: Architecture and its Discontent: Regeneration or the Art of Retention
3rd November 2017,  Fundação Rui Cunha, Macao, China

On 3rd November 2017, the Seminar Architecture and its Discontent: Regeneration or the Art of Retention, organized by Docomomo Macau and Docomomo Hong Kong, will take place at Fundação Rui Cunha, Macao, China. Nasrine Seraji (Professor and Head, Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong) will be the speaker, with moderation of Cecilia Chu (President Docomomo Hong Kong). Early registration through email: More details: Download PDF

Urban Dialogues: Under Threat – The General Post Office & State Theatre
27th September 2016, Knowles Building, University of Hong Kong

Over the past decade, Hong Kong citizens have become increasingly concerned with how historical buildings are being assessed for their heritage value, a process that often determines their chances of survival and conservation. In this second event of Docomomo HK´s Urban Dialogues series, we will discuss two buildings that are facing threats of redevelopment: The General Post Office and the State Theatre. Both sties, which are considered as representative examples of the Modern Movement, have recently been listed as “Heritage-in-Danger” by Docomomo International ( The event will include two short talks on the histories and contexts of the two sites…

Symposium: Urban Dialogues: Reconfiguring Hong Kong´s Central District
24th March 2016, Central Market Oasis Gallery, Hong Kong

Docomomo Hong Kong held a Symposium entitled Urban Dialogues: Reconfiguring Hong Kong´s Central District in the evening of Thursday, March 24. Being this event held in conjunction with the public exhibition, “Reimagining Des Voeux Road Central ” at the Central Market Oasis Gallery, March 15-28, 2016. More details: website Download PDF

Lecture: Modernity Towards a Better Future
26th October 2015, Knowles Building, Main Campus, University of Hong Kong

Lecture by Prof. Ana Tostoes “Modernity Towards a Better Future” This jointly sponsored HKICON and Docomomo Hong Kong talk by Prof. Ana Tostoes, Chair of Docomomo International, will focus on current trends in modern architecture and urbanism. The lecture, that Prof. Ana Tostoes will present is entitled “Modernity Towards a Better Future”. The event will take place on 26th October 2015 (Monday), 6:30 – 8:00 pm. The location is Room KB 229, 2/F, Knowles Building, Main Campus, The University of Hong Kong. There is no fee, but participants wishing to attend must regisiter in advance on the HKICON website. Download PDF  

Symposium: “The Future of the Past: New Conservation Strategies for Modern Architecture in the Pearl River Delta”
31st January 2015, Knowles Building, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Saturday, January 31, 2-5:30 pm, Knowles Building Room 419, University of Hong Kong “Few parts of the world have developed as quickly over the last forty years as the Pearl River Delta, which includes Macau and Hong Kong, and few areas face the kinds of community- and market-based pressures still at work in the area today. This symposium seeks to discuss modern architecture’s legacy in the region as well as the risks and potential offered by new practices aimed at conserving it.” Schedule Panel 1: Reevaluating Conservation in the 21st Century 2 pm: “Integrating New Design with the Modern Old: Revitalising…