Jornadas Docomomo Chile: Chile en Momove
17th - 27th November 2020

Between 17th and 27th November 2020 docomomo Chile held the Docomomo Chile Days: Chile in Momove (Modern Movement Virtual Exhibition). To review the conferences, please visit the Youtube page (Centro del Patrimonio Cultural UC). “Docomomo Chile and Equipo Centro del Patrimonio Cultural UC are inviting you to participate in the Docomomo Chile Days 2020. The conferences include various activities and have as a common denominator the enhancement and visibility of our modern heritage through “Modern Movement Virtual Exhibition” instance created by Docomomo Internacional to disseminate these works worldwide through the contribution of all its regional chapters.” The conference includes different…

1st Seminar Women and Modern Architecture
27th August - 8th Ocotber 2020, Online

Docomomo Chile, Centro del Patrimonio Cultural UC, Facultad de arquitectura, diseño y estudios urbanos UC and Escuela de arquitectura UC are holding their 1st Seminar, from 27th August to 8th October, online, with the theme “Women and Modern Architecture ”. The “First Seminar on Women and Modern Architecture” addresses a field that in recent years has gained unusual relevance and has aroused widespread interest: the contribution that a group of women, acting from different fields, made to modern architecture so that it whatever it was; a revolutionary and transformative phenomenon that affected the lives of a multitude of modern women and…

Guidelines for submitting the 2019/2020 Homework
Chapters News

Dear Docomomo Chapters, Due to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, we are extending the deadline of June 1st to August 15th, 2020. A plan for new documentation homework has been approved in the last Council Meeting, August 30th, 2018 (Ljubljana, Slovenia), proposed by the ISC/Registers. With the aim of moving forward to the documentation of conservation good practices, Docomomo Working Parties (WP) have to submit: Working Parties that already have submitted 30 Documentation Fiches and uploaded 50 sites to MOMOVE: (a) 1 fiche for 2019 and 1 fiche for 2020, on an example of Good Conservation Practice. Download the template here: link, and here: link. (b) A bibliography with 5-10 publications (books or articles) on Modern Movement…

Brazil, Architectures for the country of the Future/Arica, Developing architectures
18th December 2019, Arica Municipal Library, Arica, Chile

Docomomo Chile, together with Fondecyt Project 1181290, Active Arica and Arica City Hall, has organized a conference wich will take place 18th December 2019 (17h30), at the Arica Municipal Library, in Arica. The speakers are Ruth Verde Zein, docomomo Brazil, with the communication “Brazil, Architectures for the Country of the Future” and Horácio Torrent, chair of docomomo Chile, with the communication “Arica, Developing architectures”. To know more visit docomomo Chile facebook page.

Keeping it Modern – Presentation of Antoine Wilmering
10th December 2018, Salón Sergio Larraín, Campus Lo Contador, Providencia, Chile 

Docomomo Chile, together with Centro UC Patrimonio Cultural and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, are hosting a presentation about the Keeping it Modern project, by the Getty Foundation. The presentation will be given by Antoine Wilmering, at Salón Sergio Larraín, in the Campus Lo Contador, El Comendador 1916, Providencia. This event starts at 18:30, on the 10th December 2018.

Call for Abstracts: International Meeting on Modern Heritage and Best Practices: Sustainability, Conservation, Management and Architectural Design
21st - 24th March 2018, Faculty of Architecture Design and Urban Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile

“Docomomo Chile, Docomomo International and the Faculty of Architecture Design and Urban Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, are organizing a meeting on good practices on modern heritage between 21st and 24th March 2018. The theme of best practices on modern heritage refers to the set of procedures, ethical guidelines, principles and actions that – through exemplary cases – can configure the most appropriate, judicious and efficient course of action for sustainability, conservation, better management and good design regarding the relationship between heritage and new architecture. The preservation of modern buildings and complexes, as well as urban spaces…

Simposium Emilio Duhart
30th August 2017, Escuela de Arquitectura, Universidad San Sebastián, Santiago, Chile

On 30th August 2017, the San Sebastian University will have the Simposium Emilio Duhart at the Escuela de Arquitectura in Santiago, Chile. This event aims to honor the life of architect and urbanist Emilio Duarte (1917-2017) and features Fernando Perez, Horacio Torrent, Veronica Esparza, and Cristian Berros. More details: Download PDF [Spanish]

5th Docomomo Chile Seminar: El desafío del tiempo: Proyecto y persistencia del patrimonio moderno
28th November 2014, School of Architecture at the Pontifical University of Chile

On Friday, November 28 the 5th Docomomo Chile Seminar: “El desafío del tiempo: Proyecto y persistencia del patrimonio moderno” [The challenge of time: Project and persistence of the modern heritage] took place in the auditorium of the School of Architecture at the Pontifical University of Chile. The seminar was attended by several international guests, including Ana Tostões, Chair of Docomomo International and Víctor Pérez Escolano, from Docomomo Iberian. Docomomo Chile thank all the speakers, attendees, students and guests for having contributed to the success of the event and invite all active members from Docomomo Chile to submit proposals to host the next seminar….

Seminar: The challenge of time. Project and persistence of modern heritage.
26-28th November 2014, Santiago, Chile

El desafío del tiempo: Proyecto y persistencia del patrimonio moderno [The challenge of time: Project and persistence of modern heritage]The V Docomomo Chile Seminar will be held in the city of Santiago and is focused on the analysis and discussions on the various architectural and urban experiences demonstrated in the country and the region in the twentieth century and its preservation alternatives. Under the theme El desafío del tiempo: Proyecto y persistencia del patrimonio moderno, Docomomo fifth version of the seminar aims to continue the analysis of modern architecture and urbanism initiated in previous workshops, held in the cities of Santiago (2005),…

Conferences: Docomomo Chile´s 10th anniversary
28th & 30th June 2014, Campus Lo Contador, UC, Providencia, Chile

As part of the celebrations of Docomomo Chile´s 10th anniversary, Docomomo Chile is pleased to invite you all to two conferences of Louise Noelle (Docomomo Mexico´s Chair, Academic Institute of Aesthetic Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico). 28.06.2014: Luís Barragán: Tradición, creación y modernidad. Download PDF 30.06.2014: Mario Pani: Arquitectura/ México y la gran ciudad. Download PDF