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VI International Congress of Architecture and Society “The city we want/La ciudad que queremos”, Pamplona
Date: 10th to 12th June, 2020

La Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad is pleased to announce its VI International Congress under the theme “The city we want”, where the city will be its main protagonist to reflect and discuss its reality and future from different prisms. The event that will be held on June 10, 11 and 12, 2020 in the Baluarte area of ​​Pamplona, ​​will bring together architects, historians and experts from fields as diverse as economics, sociology, architecture or public management, coming from the five continents that will discuss the role of cities in specific aspects such as sustainability and climate change, urban equity, mobility or health.

José María Ezquiaga, will be the director of this sixth edition. Beyond the concrete objective of promoting the links between architecture and the social sphere, sustainable development and the rational use of material and energy resources, the meeting aims to analyze the role of cities as engines of economic development, redistribution and inclusion. The cities must be able to address the greatest environmental and social challenges. The decisive battle over sustainability and climate change will be fought in the cities.

Registration fee: 300 euros
(Registration available from March 2020)
The Architecture and Society Foundation will offer scholarships for the enrollment of newly graduated architecture students and architects (the conditions for applying for the scholarships will be published shortly).

Please vistit website to see more information about the Congress.