Docomomo ´Africa Workshop and Conference´

Following the first Docomomo meeting on Africa that was held as part of the ISC-UL Committee during the 14th International Docomomo Conference in Lisbon, in 2016, the first Docomomo Africa Workshop and Conference was held between 9th and 12th July 2017 at the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, ESALA, University of Edinburgh.

The conference and workshop were free, as funding had been received form the University of Edinburgh for its holding.

The workshop had a few key aims:

  • To be a venue for meeting and discussing with other Docomomo members from African chapters in the year between Docomomo International Meetings
  • To provide a forum to explore the unique issues related to architectural modernism in Africa and how best to develop approaches to conservation that responds to local cultural contexts.
  • To explore future forms of collaboration in the area of conservation education and research in Africa at a “south South” level as well as links to conservation research and teaching with colleagues and institutions with docomomo chapters internationally.

As part of the event we scheduled local tours to view modernist and historical parts of Scotland for conference delegates.

There were also online courses using the ‘coursera’ platform which might be of relevance in relation to conservation teaching in African schools of Architecture and for CPD uses.

The workshop was open to all architects, academics and PG students with an interest in conserving modern movement buildings in Africa.

Workshop Report: PDF below

Photographic Report: Docomomo International Facebook Page