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Tour Modern Homes of Litchfield
15th August 2015, Litchfield, Connecticut, US

Full-Day Tour: Modern Homes of Litchfield
15 August 2015, Full-Day Tour, Litchfield, Connecticut

“Join Docomomo US on Saturday, August 15th for a special full-day tour of Modern Homes of Litchfield, Connecticut. This summer tour offers guests a unique opportunity to visit an exceptional collection of modern homes designed by architects such as Marcel Breuer and fellow Harvard 5 architects, John Johansen, and Eliot Noyes. The Modern Homes of Litchfield tour will begin with an overview at the Litchfield Historical Society and include 4 Marcel Breuer designed homes with the last home, Stillman House (which happens to be a 2014 Modernism in America Design Citation of Merit recipient), including a reception.

Following the visit to the Historical Society, we will visit Stillman House II (Breuer, 1964-65), the Stillman Cottage (Designed by Breuer as a prototype in Wellfleet in 1945 but built by Stillman in 1973, the year he had his third Breuer house commission done). After lunch we will visit the Marsters House (Edward Larrabee Barnes, 1953), nearby Gagarin House I (Breuer, 1956-57) and conclude with Stillman House I (Breuer, 1950). Separately, guests will have the opportunity to see a number of other modern commissions in the area including the Oliver Wolcott Library Addition (Eliot Noyes, 1965), Litchfield High School (Breuer, 1954-56) and the Junior High School (Johansen, 1965). This tour is a follow up to the 2003 Modernism in Litchfield tour organized by Docomomo US NY/Tristate in 2003 and coordinated with the exhibition, Modern Architecture in Litchfield 1949-1970 at the Litchfield Historical Society.”

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