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The Other Las Vegas
Regional Spotlight on Las Vegas

The Other Las Vegas is part of the Docomomo US Regional Spotlight on Modernism Serieswhich was launched to help you explore modern places throughout the country without leaving your home. In this edition, Docomomo US is heading to Vegas!

What will you find if you wander off the Las Vegas “Strip”? Longtime residents and preservation advocates Dave Cornoyer and Heidi Swank will introduce you to “the other Las Vegas,” full of midcentury charm that visitors don’t commonly see. Swank, the director of Nevada Preservation Foundation, introduces some of the misconceptions that exist around preservation in Las Vegas and shares a project the organization spearheaded to highlight the city’s “uncommon” modernism. Cornoyer takes readers through a variety of the midcentury residential neighborhoods that helped shaped the city and discusses how they’ve fared over time.

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