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Symposium: “The Future of the Past: New Conservation Strategies for Modern Architecture in the Pearl River Delta”
31st January 2015, Knowles Building, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Saturday, January 31, 2-5:30 pm, Knowles Building Room 419, University of Hong Kong

“Few parts of the world have developed as quickly over the last forty years as the Pearl River Delta, which includes Macau and Hong Kong, and few areas face the kinds of community- and market-based pressures still at work in the area today. This symposium seeks to discuss modern architecture’s legacy in the region as well as the risks and potential offered by new practices aimed at conserving it.”


Panel 1: Reevaluating Conservation in the 21st Century

2 pm: “Integrating New Design with the Modern Old: Revitalising Modern Movement Buildings”
2:20 pm: “Modernist mass housing: towards a global historical and conservation overview”
2:40 pm: “Modern Built Heritage – Who’s Definition?”
3 pm: “Saving the ‘Modern’ Central Government Offices on Government Hill, Hong Kong”
3:20 pm: Discussion led by Melissa Cate Christ, Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnical University

Break, 3:45 – 4 pm

Panel 2: Modern Architecture in the Pearl River Delta

4 pm: “Modernism and Hong Kong”
4:20 pm: “Journey to the East”
4:40 pm: “Fish and the Pavilion: The origins of tropical modernism in South China”
5 pm: Concluding discussion

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