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Symposium: ICOMOS Annual General Assembly, Advisory Committee and Scientific Symposium
15th – 21st October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

“ICOMOS Turkey is honored to host the 2016 ICOMOS Annual General Assembly, Advisory Committee Meeting & Scientific Symposium; it is a great pleasure to welcome the ICOMOS community to the meetings in Istanbul.

Since its foundation in 1974, ICOMOS Turkey has grown into an active community of over 100 members. It tries to consolidate international connections and to channel information to its members. Seminars, symposia and training courses are arranged for promoting awareness. Several of our members take active roles in ICOMOS International’s scientific committees.

We believe that hosting the 2016 Annual General Assembly, Advisory Committee Meeting & Scientific Symposium will help to strengthen the international cooperation of our Committee. Istanbul is a unique city with exceptional natural assets and deep roots in history. The meeting will offer our fellow ICOMOS members the opportunity to enjoy the rich repertoire of cultural heritage of Istanbul; they will also have the chance to observe the preservation challenges faced by Istanbul in the 21st century. We believe that it is a great occasion for our country and we look forward to the meetings as a chance to discuss with our colleagues the problems related to conservation of cultural heritage in Turkey. We hope that they will kindly share with us their experience on how to best deal with the threats and pressures historic cities face.”

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