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Seminar: 1st Docomomo Thailand Seminar
31st January 2015, ASA Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Docomomo Thailand was approved as a new chapter of Docomomo Working Party at the Docomomo Council Meeting that took place in Seoul, September 26, 2014. It is the 1st Docomomo Thailand Seminar on the subject “Towards the Movement of Modern Architecture in Thailand”. The seminar will take place in the Association of Siamese Architects, under the Royal Patronage, on January 31, at ASA Center, Bangkok.

13.30€14.00 _ Registration
14.00€14.30 _ Opening session: Introduction to Docomomo THAILAND
14.30€15.20 _ The Movement of Modern Architecture
15.20€16.00 _ Towards the Modern Movement of Architecture in Thailand
16.00€16.15 _ Break
16.15€17.00 _ ASA talk: Action plan and Friendship