Les Grands Ensembles: Patrimoines en devenir
by Rachid Kaddour, published by Publications de l'Université de Saint-Etienne, France, 2019

Les Grands ensembles : Patrimoines en devenir. Crhoniques de la valorisation, dévalorisation et revalorisation d’opérations exemplaires à Saint-Etienne.

This book takes as objects of reflection large exemplary sets: those of the southeast of Saint-Étienne. Beaulieu, counting among the series of six, which in 1953 launches major French ensembles, is now labelled Heritage twentieth century. Its neighbour Montchovet knew almost all the political devices of the city, including the demolition in 2000 of the Chinese Wall, an unavoidable building in the Saint-Etienne landscape. A return on the history of urban policies and the settlement of these ensembles, coupled with a reading of the renovation program through the original question of heritage, in the property and cultural sense, makes it possible to explain the trend which is taking shape for the future: that of a return to the sources of social housing for the greatest number, via the valorisation of sets which are emblematic of it. In this widely illustrated column of the ensembles of the south-east of Saint-Étienne, the reflection developed on urban policies for inherited social housing and heritage-making processes is aimed at researchers as well as professionals in the HLM (Habitation à Loyer Modéré, rent-controlled housing) movement and housing and as cultural heritage management professionals. Fans of urban history will be able to (re)discover essential but little known neighborhoods of Saint-Étienne.

Text provided by the publisher.