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Australia Modern: Architecture, Landscape and Design
by Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad (eds), published by Thames & Hudson, 2019

This volume was motivated by the aim to create a beautiful, comprehensive and accessible book about Australian Modern design and architecture.  It features 100 significant site examples by Australia’s most revered architects, rich archival imagery and expert essays exploring how modernism has shaped Australian society.

From the Sydney Opera House and the National Gallery of Victoria to cutting-edge homes across the country, the pervasive presence of modernism is inescapable in Australia. Led by the likes of Robin Boyd, Harry Seidler and Walter Burley Griffin, modernist architects and designers set out to rebuild at all scales, from vast infrastructure projects, to public health and education institutions, to new centres of culture, consumption and leisure.

Australia Modern vividly captures this architectural legacy with a survey of 100 significant modern sites, richly illustrated with archival images and newly commissioned photographs. Contextual essays by leading voices in architecture and conservation explore modernism’s influence on every facet of life in Australia and the ongoing challenges facing preservation. Showcasing projects from the iconic and the urban to the everyday, the regional and the lesser known, Australia Modern cultivates an appreciation for the modern architects and buildings that will increasingly constitute the heritage of tomorrow.

Australia Modern: Architecture, Landscape and Design

Thames & Hudson, 2019

Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad (eds)

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