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Call for Papers: Architectural Theory Review vol. 26, no. 1. Terms and Conditions: Financialized Space
Deadline: 15th October, 2021

Docomomo Interantional shares the call for papers for the journal Architectural Theory Review vol. 26, no. 1. , “Terms and Conditions: Financialized Space”, edited by Maren Koehler (University of Sydney) and Jasper Ludewig (University of Newcastle).

“This issue of Architectural Theory Review investigates the relation between finance capital and architecture. In particular, we seek contributions that explore previously overlooked situations in which the terms and conditions of finance have had spatial and architectural effects. In this way, the issue aligns itself with the argument recently reiterated by Sara Stevens and Lauren Jacobi, among others, that spaces of finance – banks, corporate headquarters and other sites of exchange – have been inadequately addressed by historians of architecture. In keeping with this argument, we propose that the movement of money and capital from financial institutions, into markets, and vice versa, delineates a more comprehensive architectural history in which the terms and conditions of finance are read against the spatial formations they have facilitated. In short: how do financial systems and practices become legible by attending to architecture as a form of evidence? And what more can be said about architecture by figuring finance into its conceptualization and/or realization?”

Submissions of 4000-8000 words can be submitted to Maren Koehler (maren.koehler@sydney.edu.au) or Jasper Ludewig (jasper.ludewig@newcastle.edu.au) for double-blind review by 15 October, 2021

Read the full call for papers: here.