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Ortstockhaus auf der Braunwaldalp
By Michael Hanak and Christof Kübler, published by AS Verlag, Zürich, 2020
The Ortstockhaus auf der Braunwaldalp is one of the most important architectural witnesses of modernism in the canton of Glarus and is known as a destination far beyond the Glarus region. The richly illustrated book recognizes the Ortstockhaus as a pioneer of building in the mountains. In January 1930, the architect Hans Leuzinger (1887-1971) began planning the small sports house on a sun terrace in the Glarnerland region. The client was Peter Tschudi from Schwanden GL, who reacted with the project to the emerging tourism in the region. In a kind of welcome gesture, the building turns towards the Ortstock with a concave curvature and thus fits into the landscape. The façade cladding with black colored Eternit panels was also new. The typology as an easily accessible, attractive mountain inn, the unique shape, but also the progressive construction made the Ortstockhaus a much-noticed example of alpine architecture. In the course of a comprehensive renovation, numerous historical materials were collected in 2016, which tell the story from the construction of the building to the present. Fascinating historical photos of the use of the mountain inn and the illustrious crowd of guests in the early years revive the tourist boom in the 1930s and 1940s. Brilliant photographs by the architectural photographer Hannes Henz underline the quality of the building that can be experienced today.

The Ortstockhaus publication was nominated for the “Constructive Alps 2020” award and will be on the website until August 28, 2020 for online favorite voting: link.
“Constructive Alps” wants to span the line across national borders. The award is a contribution to the implementation of the Alpine Convention and a food for thought for a good life in the Alps. We are particularly looking for sustainable renovations and new buildings that are located within the Alpine arc. Further information and all nominated projects can be found on the website.

Title: Ortstockhaus Braunwald
Subtitle: A mountain inn in the Glarus Alps
Photographer: Hannes Henz
Author: Michael Hanak and Christof Kübler
Editor: Ortstockhaus Braunwald GmbH
EAN: 9783039130108
ISBN: 978-3-03913-010-8
Format: hard cover
Publisher: AS Verlag
Genre: art
Number of pages: 120
Size: 270mm x 210mm
Year: 2020

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