Online Workshop: CRAACE – Modernity and Religion in Central European Art and Architecture
Date: February - May 2021

In the context of the CRAACE – Continuity/Rupture: Art and Architecture in Central Europe 1918-1939, research project led by Matthew Rampley at Masaryk University, Brno, “Modernity and Religion in Central European Art and Architecture” is an online workshop taking place on Zoom, every fortnight starting on 4 Feb 2021 and concluding with a roundtable on 13 May 2021. The lectures will begin at 6 pm  (GMT+1). The workshop is organised in cooperation with the Belvedere, Vienna.

A marked aspect of modernist art and architecture was the search for the spiritual. This has long been recognised, but the involvement of organised religion remains much less examined. Focusing on interwar central Europe, the online lecture series Modernity and Religion in Central European Art and Architecture examines critically the stakes involved in the engagement with religious faith by artists and architects, as well as the role of religiously-motivated state and church patronage in shaping cultural politics.

The sessions will be chaired by Matthew Rampley and/or another member of the CRAACE team. The individual sessions will be announced separately via Facebook/Twitter and our website. The papers will be recorded and later uploaded to YouTube.

The workshop is free to attend, but needs registration. To register and for more information go to the CRAACE website.
The workshop schedule can bee seen here.