Online Talks Cycle – Pier Luigi Nervi e l’architettura del ‘900 a Firenze
Date: 26th February - 9th April 2021, 5 pm (GMT+1)

On the occasion of the ending of the exhibition Pier Luigi Nervi Architettura come Sfida [Pier Luigi Nervi – Architecture as a Challenge] that happened between 25th January and 26th February 2021, will happen the online talks cycle “Pier Luigi Nervi e l’architettura del ‘900 a Firenze”, between 26th February and 9th April 2021.

Organized by Fondazione degli Architetti di Firenze [Architects’ Foundation Florence], Associazione Pier Luigi Nervi Project [Pier Luigi Nervi Project Association] and Manifattura Tabacchi, this cycle of four talks explores the theme of the importance of Pier Luigi Nervi’s Municipal Stadium Nervi, both in the context of the career of the great engineer, architect and builder and in the panorama of international architecture, as well as touching on the themes of the city’s relationship with its architectural 20th century and the example of the transformation of the Manifattura Tabacchi complex.

The four talks of the online cycle “Pier Luigi Nervi e l’architettura del ‘900 a Firenze” will be always Fridays at 5 pm (GMT+1):
26th February: Claudio Greco – “Lo stadio Berta, punto di svolta nella carriera di Pier Luigi Nervi” [in Italian]
12th March: Thomas Leslie – “Calcio d’inizio: the stadio Berta and Nervi’s rise to global acclaim” [in English]
26th March: Claudia Conforti – “I novecento dell’architettura fiorentina” [in Italian]
9th April: Giovanni Carbonara – “Manifattura Tabacchi e il restauro del moderno” [in Italian]

The participation is free but requires prior registration. To register go to: link
Online talks cycle Program
More details on Docomomo Italy website and on the Fondazione degli Architetti di Firenze website.
The notice about the Pier Luigi Nervi – Architettura come Sfida exhibition on Docomomo International’s website can be read here.