IST PhD Program in Architecture: PhD Week Spring 2016

On 26th April 2016, between 14h00 and 17h00, the IST PhD Week Spring 2016 will take place at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal.


Ana Tostões (IST PhD Program in Architecture Coordinator)
Barbara Coutinho
Luis Santiago Baptista
Ricardo Carvalho

Vittorio Magnago Mapugnani
(Dean of the Institut für Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur, ETH Zurich, Germany)
The Shape of the City. A Methodological Proposal

Hilde Heynen

(Chair of the departmentof Architecture, Urbanismand Planning of the KU Leuven, Belgium)
Modernity, Gender and the City

Sarah Whiting

(Dean of the Rice School of Architecture, Houston)
Saving Modern Chicago

Tom Avermaete

(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Negotiating Modernism: Reports from Casablanca and Chandigarh

The lecture will be in Engllish and the participation is free. Everyone is welcome!