© Bauhaus (2017), Frankfurt Art School (poster)
Exhibition: The Frankfurt Art School – Modernism on the Main
25 July 2016-27 February 2017, Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Germany

The Bauhaus-Archiv holds the world’s largest collection related to the Bauhaus and, for decades, it has also been researching and collecting material from individuals and institutions playing a parallel or subsequent role in reforming art. These include the Frankfurt Art School, which was reformed in 1923 and had close thematic and personal ties to the Bauhaus: several members of the Bauhaus, such as Adolf Meyer, Christian Dell, Josef Hartwig and Karl Peter Röhl, became teachers at the art school on the Main. The exhibition presents works by students and teachers, with some of the objects being presented publicly for the first time.

A massive town-planning project formed the core of the New Frankfurt: from 1925 to 1930, more than 12,000 flats, administration buildings and communal social facilities were created in the modernist style. Numerous renowned architects, such as Walter Gropius or Mart Stam, were involved in the town-planning programme headed by Ernst May. The New Frankfurt strove to redesign every area of life and also encompassed fields including interior design, typography and graphic art.

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