Exhibition – Jävla Kritiker! Experiments 1-6
Färgfabriken, Stockholm, 13th March - 18th April 2021

On 13th March will open at Färgfabriken in Stockholm the exhibition on architecture and criticism Jävla Kritiker! Experiments 1-6. It will be on show until April 18.

The exhibition consists of texts from six Scandinavian critics, among them the CICA fellow and Pierre Vago Award winner Rasmus Wærn, and interpretations of the texts by six renowned architects from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

“Experiments 1-6 have resulted in six works emerging in the space between criticism and form. The representations of the works in texts, drawings, and models have come together in a traveling exhibition. The exhibition tours between Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The first stops will be in the capital cities of the three countries.

Critics, designers, and other actors within the architectural public gather for public events throughout the exhibition period to discuss the exhibition and the questions it raises. Do the critics consider the architectural design to be doing their written works an injustice? Did the architects feel constrained by the written critiques? Or have new, productive means for developing architecture emerged from this unusual collaboration? These are all questions to be discussed between exhibition contributors and visitors.

The traveling aspect of the exhibition, along with the contributors being paired across Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, have provided further dimensions to the experiment. Do we find differences in architectural criticism across the three countries? What could we learn from one another? Do we even understand each other? By initiating dialogue across the three countries, Damn critics! aims at paving the way for a shared Nordic critical tradition.

On its journey through the Nordic countries, the Oslo-based gallery, ROOM for Art and Architecture (ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur), was the first place for the exhibition to settle. The exhibition ran between August 27th and September 24th, 2020. From there, the journey has continued toward Stockholm, where the project rooms at Färgfabriken will house the exhibition between March 13th and April 18th, 2021. Afterward, the exhibition will make its way southwest and is expected to land in Copenhagen in mid-late 2021.”

More information on: www.javlakritiker.com