Exhibition “9 x 100 = ‘900 – 9 ITINERARI PER 100 ARCHITETTURE DEL ‘900 IN BASILICATA E PUGLIA”
Date: 18th June - 16th July, 2021

Docomomo International would like to share the exhibition “9 x 100 = ‘900 – 9 ITINERARI PER 100 ARCHITETTURE DEL ‘900 IN BASILICATA E PUGLIA”, wich will be in place between 18th June and 16th July, 2021. The exihibition wants to focus attention on the most significant architectures built in the two regions during the 20th century: an initiative that is the result of a filing of the regional architectural heritage of the 20th century by Docomomo Italia, Sezione Basilicata and Puglia E.T.S.

Within this filing, a Scientific Committee of international importance has selected 100 works of modern architecture of recognized quality: a complex and long work merged into the exhibition and into a volume of over 300 pages edited by Mauro Sàito and by Antonello Pagliuca, including cards and interventions by authors from the national panorama e international, published by Gangemi editore.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Facoltà di Architettura dell’Università
degli Studi della Basilicata and with the Facoltà di Architettura del Politecnico di Bari, according to criteria
which foresee a division into six thematic itineraries, which connect the works of the two regions to the national cultural debate, highlighting their peculiarities. The architectures of the 20th century present in Taranto and its province constitute an important portion of the Exhibition and of the

Composed of 150 panels, the exhibition has an itinerant character: Official event in Matera 2019 Foundation Program, after the initial stage in Basilicata was set up in Bari, Lecce, Carovigno (Brindisi) and from 18 June to 16 July arrives in Taranto at the Library Acclavio, inaugurated by a study conference that will take place in the upper open space, and that will be focused on themes of 20th century architecture in the local area.

The entire project was funded by the Puglia Region, the event in Taranto (5th stage of the Exhibition) is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Taranto and the Order of Architects Landscape Planners and Conservators of the Province of Taranto.

On the opening day of the exhibition there will be a half day of guided tours a
significant places in the twentieth century city of Taranto (Concattedrale, Gio Ponti exhibition al
MUDI, Palazzo della Provincia, etc.) a first step towards the knowledge and re-appropriation of
real estate and workplaces that have represented an important part of the recent history of

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