© CC BY-SA 4.0, Viktor O. Ledenyov (2016), Kharviv
Conference: New Urbanism in Eastern Europe — 1920-1930´s
11th and 13th April 2017, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Between 11th and 13th April 2017 it was held the international conference New Urbanism in Eastern Europe — 1920-1930´s in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

“The Conference continues, after a three-year break, a series of scientific meetings united by the common topic «Study and Protection of the Heritage of National Architectural Modernism», which was launched by Kharkiv conferences «Ukrainian Architectural Avant-garde: Study and Protection» (2012) and «Architecture of Ukraine 1955–1975: Second Wave of Modernism» (2013). This year the event is dedicated to a very interesting and dramatic development of the new urban theory and practice in the period between two world wars.

The organizers of the Conference are Ukrainian Chapter of DOCOMOMO, Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Institute of Architecture, Urbanistics and Regionalistics of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine. They want to make Kharkiv the place of regular international meetings dedicated to the history of the Modern Movement, study and protection of its architectural and urban heritage.

Within the framework of the Conference, the annual meeting of the Ukrainian DOCOMOMO Centre and a round table will be held to discuss the issue of protection status of avant-garde urban and architectural monuments in Kharkiv, in particular, of the world-famous complex of the State Industry Building (Gosprom). During the Conference, there will be also professional excursions to the monuments and complexes of architectural and town-planning modernism of the interwar period.”

Programme of the conference: Download PDF