© CC BY 2.0, Aidan (2011), Wellington, New Zealand
Phillip Hartley is the new chair of Docomomo New Zealand

Since January Philip Hartley replaced Julia Gatley as chair of Docomomo New Zealand.

“Phillip qualified in the UK in 1988, following seven years of academic and practical training via the direct entry examination route set by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). During this time he worked for a multi-disciplinary practice of Architects and Surveyors where he was involved in Church projects throughout London and south east England.

In 1990 he embarked on a newly established two-year Post-graduate Diploma in Building Conservation, jointly established by the RICS/College of Estate Management at the University of Reading.  Subsequent to becoming one of the first Building Surveyors to be formally accredited in Building Conservation by the RICS, he completed his MA in Architectural History at Keele University.
In 1992 he joined the newly established Historic Royal Palaces Agency, where he became Head of Conservation within the Department of The Surveyor of the Fabric.  Eight years later he left the Agency to establish a dedicated Historic Buildings practice with his wife, Tracey, in South West England and five after this the couple moved to Auckland where Phillip initially worked for Alexander & Co., Building Surveyors, specialists in the diagnosis of building defects and cladding (weathertightness) failures, remedial works design and dispute resolution.

Phillip is Secretary of the Auckland Branch of Heritage New Zealand and is currently undertaking a PhD on a part-time basis at the University of Auckland, researching the conservation of twentieth century architectural heritage in New Zealand.”