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Design Foundation for Women and Crafts
A new program in the area of ​​design, social innovation and sustainability

The experimentadesign presents its most recent program: the Design Foundation for Women and Crafts, an international initiative dedicated to the preservation, innovation and dissemination of handicrafts practice developed by women.

In the era of widespread production and consumption and high technology, it is urgent to preserve manual knowledge – particularly that which actively contributes to the social cohesion of the communities in which it operates, which is closely linked to the sustainable management of planet’s resources and the preservation of a unique historical and cultural heritage. Already fragile, isolated, aged and, in many cases, endangered, artisan communities are risk groups in the current pandemic scenario, and there is an urgent need to act immediately.

The role of women in the universe of handicrafts has been deeply relevant throughout history, even in the context of markedly patriarchal societies. Nowadays there are countless nuclei of artisans with their own techniques and knowledge all over the world, and the knowledge about the nature and impact of these communities is limited and needs a thorough investigation, as well as a long-term revitalization plan.

The main mission of the Design Foundation for Women and Crafts is to reinforce the practice of handicrafts among women and to stimulate the productive processes of these centers in an innovative way, based specifically on design methods and strategies.

Conceived and prepared in the last 4 years, this program will implement a set of basic projects that lay the foundations for its intervention with communities of artisans in the national and international panorama. Headquartered in Portugal, DFFWAC has a global action spectrum.

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