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CIUL – Encontro UniverCidades: Lisboa Verde e Azul [CIUL – University Cities Meeting: Lisbon Green and Blue]
Dates: 4th-5th March, 2020

In the scope of the close collaboration between CIUL – Centro de Informação Urbana de Lisboa [CIUL – Lisbon Urban Information Center] and the academic universe, the 2nd UniverCidades Meeting will take place on the 4th and 5th of March.

With an annual periodicity, this event aims to present reference works in Lisbon developed by each of the intervening entities, around a common theme.
In the year that Lisbon celebrates the “European Green Capital 2020” award, which was distinguished by the European Commission, the 2nd UniverCidades Meeting will be subordinated to the theme “Lisbon Green and Blue”. We will thus discuss pressing and current matters, which can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city, meeting the achievement of the goals proposed by the commitment that Lisbon assumed.

In the afternoon of March 4, the Meeting will take place in a conference format and in the morning of the 5th, a guided tour will take place at a place related to the theme of the session, this year we will visit the city’s North Crown.

Scientific Committee: Teresa Santos (NOVA-FCSH), Nuno Soares (NOVA-FCSH), Cristóvão Pereira (FBA-ULisboa), Carlos Ferreira (FA-ULisboa), Mónica Pacheco (ISCTE-IUL), Paula André (ISCTE-IUL) , Raúl Cunca (FBA-ULisboa), Isabel Loupa Ramos (IST-ULisboa), Maria Matos Silva (ISA-ULisboa), Roberto Falanga (ICS-ULisboa) and Mário Vale (IGOT-ULisboa).

To register and for more informations, go to: ciul@cm-lisboa.pt.