Call for Papers: Architecture and Endurance
Deadline: extended til 14th February 2021

EAHN is pleased to announce that the Call for Papers for the thematic conference Architecture and Endurance (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 30th September – 2nd October 2021) was extended til 14th February 2021.

“Endurance is a state of surviving, remaining alive; the ability to continue a given task; the power of withstanding hardship. Its original meaning implies continued existence and ability to last. As such it has implications not only for how architecture is conceptualized but also for the ways within which architectural historiography is conceived.

In recent years, there is a tendency in architectural historiography to go deep into the specific histories of single buildings and sites; to produce biographies of buildings and sites in longue durée, often bridging successive cultural contexts that might have been conventionally perceived as unrelated. This is in line with recent scholarship on eastern Mediterranean and South West Asia, as one example, where instead of sharp breaks and clean starts, the continuities, borrowings and adaptations between Greco-Roman, Byzantine and Islamic cultures are traced which productively shed light on the latter. Increasingly, the entanglements of successive polities and cultures and not only synchronically but also diachronically intertwined nature of their histories is revealed. In this conference, we would like to critically explore “endurance” as an umbrella concept and analytical category vis-à-vis architecture. We are interested in particular historical case studies of “endurance” from any historical, geographical and cultural contexts. Cases that blur the boundaries between what has been conventionally defined as “Europe,” and “European” identities with their “others” are especially welcome.”

Abstracts, as well as a short CV, should be submitted to until 14th February 2021.

For more information, please visit the conference website.