BAUHAUS Reviewed 1919-1933
Curated by James Nice, Mastered by Pierre Vale, Layout by Julien Potter. Label: LTM Recordings, 2007

“This full-length archive CD explores the highly influential Bauhaus school of art and architecture, which operated in Germany between 1919 and 1933.

The spoken word element is centred on a revealing talk by Walter Gropius, the architect and theoretician who founded the Bauhaus in 1919. The album also includes contributions from the school’s third and final director, architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as well as teacher Josef Albers. All interviews are in the English language.

The musical content features piano pieces written between 1919 and 1925 by six composers associated with the Bauhaus: Arnold Schoenberg, Josef Matthias Hauer, George Antheil, Stefan Wolpe and H.H. Stuckenschmidt. Several reflect serialism and 12-tone technique; most are performed by Steffen Schleiermacher on piano.

With a generous running time of 72 minutes, the CD booklet also features archive Bauhaus images and liner notes by James Hayward.”


1. JOSEF MATTHIAS HAUER Phantasie, Op. 17 (1919)
2. WALTER GROPIUS On the origins of the Bauhaus
3. STEFAN WOLPE Variation (1923)
4. WALTER GROPIUS On Form and Totality
5. GEORGE ANTHEIL Shimmy (1923)
6. WALTER GROPIUS On Klee, Itten, Kandinsky, Feininger and Moholy-Nagy
7. STEFAN WOLPE Stehende Musik (1925)
8. JOSEF ALBERS On Handling and Texture
9. WALTER GROPIUS On Albers and Functionalism
10. H. H. STUCKENSCHMIDT Marsch Alexander (1923)
11. WALTER GROPIUS On Selection and Students
12. ARNOLD SCHOENBERG Piano Piece No. 1, Op. 23
13. WALTER GROPIUS On Meyer and Mies van der Rohe
14. JOSEF ALBERS On Politics and Meyer
15. WALTER GROPIUS On Industrial Contracts
16. ARNOLD SCHOENBERG Suite for Piano, Op. 25
17. WALTER GROPIUS On Utopianism
18. MIES VAN DER ROHE On Architecture as Language
19. WALTER GROPIUS On the Future of Architecture

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