Global Design
Docomomo Journal 47 (2012/2)

Editors: Ana Tostões, Ivan Blasi

Guest editors: Bárbara Coutinho

Keywords: Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern interior design, Furniture modern design, Modern global design.

Thanks to Finland, the motto “Survival of Modern” justifies going deeper in the relation that connects form and function, aesthetics and ethics. That’s also why the argument is Global Design. The aim of this collective and interdisciplinary reflexion is to contribute for the discussion that relates Modern heritage and interior space, common daily life and musealization of Modern Interior Spaces, gathered underneath a global strategy to better understand and preserve these delicate monuments. In fact, the interior space with all devices and furniture pieces is frequently neglected as an essential matter in safeguard interventions.
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Global Design and its Re-Use
Ana Tostões


Learning to Love Brutalism
Anthony Vidler


The Modern Gesamtkunstwerk and its Preservation
Bárbara Coutinho

Bauhaus and Ulm School of Design Pedagogy towards the Creation of a Global Design
Monika Markgraf

The “Bauhaus Experiment” 1998-2006: Paint Research and Conservation Strategies Critically Revisited
Thomas Danzl

Architecture and the Gesamtkunstwerk: Alberto Pessoa’s Furniture Design
Susana Constantino

Duikers’ Open Air School: Re-Use or Contin-Use?
Sander Nelissen, Mariël Polman

Global Design. Schools in Portugal
João Paulo Martins

Werner Max Moser’s New Altstetten Church 1936-1941
Arthur Rüegg, Silvio Schmed

Cinémas Choisis
Joana Gouveia Alves

Contemporary Activity. The GATEPAC Magazine (1931-1937)
Antonio Pizza

The Vision of Utopia
Rossend Casanova

Le Corbusier and GATCPAC: Functionalism and Latin Identity
Mercè Vidal

Chandigarh Heritage Furniture
Ariadna Álvarez Garreta

Documentation Issues

Nadir Afonso: the Painter (who graduated) Architect
João Cepeda


Alexander von Vegesack
Bárbara Coutinho

Heritage in danger

The Ofir House – Casa Dr. Fernando Ribeiro da Silva Ofir, Esposende, 1956-1958, by Fernando Távora
Ivan Blasi


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