Designing Modern Life
Docomomo Journal 46 (2012/1)

Editors: Ana Tostões, Ivan Blasi

Guest editors: Bárbara Coutinho

Keywords: Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern interior design, Furniture modern design, Modern living.

The aim is to contribute for the discussion that relates modern heritage and interior space, common daily life and musealization of Modern Interior Spaces, gathered underneath a global strategy, to better understand and preserve these delicate monuments. In fact, the interior space with all devices and furniture pieces is frequently not appreciated as an essential matter in safeguard interventions. Ranging from restoration process research and know-how, new modern materials and techniques are discussed facing up to new conservation process and innovative rehabilitation solutions, as well. One knows that Modern spatiality must require furniture conceived under a unitary design concept, which implies today to identify every detail with the aim of a reconstruction process, where research on documentation is one of the success keys.
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Designing Modern Life
Ana Tostões


Why Preserve Modern Now?
Bárbara Coutinho

Visions on Furniture
Jurjen Creman

Modern Architecture and Modern Furniture
Otakar Mácêl

Mies van der Rohe’s Tugendhat House – Weightless Living
Monika Wagner

Investigation and Production of Furniture for Villa Tugendhat 2009–2012
Miroslav Ambroz

Modernism in Finnish Furniture Design and Production
Pekka Korvenmaa

Artek and Alvar Aalto
Mia Hipeli

Metsäpaviljonski, Form Follows Wood
Cristian Suau

Charles and Ray Eames: Modern Living in a Postwar Era
Kyle Normandin

Clara Porset. A Modern Designer for Mexico
Louise Noelle

Gaston Eysselinck and his Masterpiece. The Post Office Building in Ostend (1945-1953)
Marc Dubois

Dieter Rams: Ethics and Modern Philosophy. What Legacy Today?
Klaus Klemp

Documentation Issues

ODAM and the Construction of a Modern Spirit
Edite Rosa

Svetlovodsk: Realized Urban Utopia of the USSR. A Revitalization Strategy for the Small Post-Soviet Monocity
Vladislav Tyminski, Anna Kamyshan

Heritage in danger

Factory Kitchen, Samara, 1931, by Ekaterina Maksimova
Ivan Blasi, Vladimir Shukhov, Anna Bronovitskaya

Sandoz Headquarters - Office Complex Novartis, Rueil-Malmaison, 1962-1968, by Martin Burckhardt and Bernard-Henri Zehrfuss
Ivan Blasi

Kyoto Kaikan, Kyoto, 1960, by Kunio Mayekawa
Ivan Blasi, Hiroshi Matsukuma

Dinamo Stadium, Moscow, 1927-1936, by Aleksandr Langman and Leonid Cherikover
Ivan Blasi, Anna Bronovitskaya


Ricardo Legorreta. An Architect in Search of Modernity within Tradition
Louise Noelle


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