Vila Real Industrial Bakery
Nadir Afonso, Vila Real, Portugal, 1965

Docomomo International regrets to inform that, after the project of expansion which involved the total demolition of the Vila Real Industrial Bakery (Vila Real, Portugal) on April 5th 2019, demolition works have been initiated this week.

Despite the incentive to classify the building as a cultural property by the General Direction for Cultural Heritage (DGPC) with the aid of the Pro Nadir Movement in April 2018 and the 1470 signatures collected from the petition launched by the Association Alter Ibi, the demolition process of the building started yesterday.

Docomomo International appreciates the efforts and the commitement shown by the Pro Nadir Movement to protect the Vila Real Industrial Bakery.

The previous campaign to preserve the building can be found here.

More details: facebook + Newsreport [Portuguese].