Vila Real Industrial Bakery
by Nadir Afonso, Vila Real, Portugal, 1965

Vila Real Industrial Bakery is now under immediate and serious threat of demolition since its classification process by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage (DGPC) had not a successfully result, ultimately discharging the case leaving it in an extreme risk situation.

This building designed by the Portuguese architect Nadir Afonso (1920-2013), was completed in 1965, and it’s abandoned since the beginning of 1990s, showing today, clear signs of major degradation.
This is a modern industrial building, which stands out for the vaulted coverage with lags allowing good lighting and natural ventilation. The impact of the formal language of the building was recognized and admired in the time of its construction because of the newness value, difference and innovative character, becoming one of the most important buildings in the daily life of the population regarding its regular and economic use.
Vila Real Industrial Bakery is a project with clear influences of the work experience that Nadir Afonso had while workingwith Le Corbusier, in France, and with Oscar Niemeyer, in Brazil.

After significant efforts on saving the building, Docomomo International would like to raise urgent awareness for this case and express its full support to all the initiatives conducted against the demolition of aforementioned modern example, in order to preserve it for the future generations, either within the original function or reused for public purpose.

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