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Sign the petition! – Wrocław Sports Park
By Richard Konwiarz, Wrocław, Poland, 1920s

Docomomo International would like to draw your attention to the alarming situation of the Wrocław Sports Park, designed by Richard Konwiarz in 1924 and built from 1926 to 1928, when the city of Wrocław (then Breslau) was still part of Germany. This Olympic Complex was later extended in 1936-1939, and is now facing risk of demolition.

This Olympic Complex is a world-class heritage site which was awarded with a brown medal on Olympic Competition of Arts and Literature in Los Angeles in 1932. The whole settlement is registered by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a historic monument. Thanks to that, this terrain was protected from changing its function.

However, due to years of neglect the park has changed, some of the buildings got ruined. Apart from the surviving facilities that include a tennis courts, an athletic stadium, a shooting range, the Field of Mars, a swimming pool complex, the Olympic Complex has had additional facilities such as roller skating track, a rugby pitch, a basketball field, bleachers and supporting facilities for a natural rowing track, a sailing facility, a field hockey pitch, an outdoor wrestling arena and multipurpose open grounds.

The Park survived the Nazi authorities, World War II, Communism in Poland and now is subject to the power of money. Unfortunately, due to several financial
decisions we are now witnessing an act of destruction of its unique character and form. The Schwimmbad Stadium was demolished recently by a housing
developer who is planning to build 375 micro-apartments for rent. The opened space which is located just next to the stadium will be filled with 15 meters tall building. Not only the urban design will change, but also its opened character. The trees are already cut, the animals are expelled from their shelters, the green areas will be filled with the cars and the loud marathon runs will be silenced.

Docomomo International is willing to raise awareness on this case, in order to preserve the architectural integrity of this Wrocław cultural heritage for future generations, so would like to encourage you to sign the petition to save Wrocław Sports Park: link.

This information was provided by a group of activists from Wrocław, Poland.

To learn more about this case, please go to: link. [Polish, Deutsche and English]