© Yiorgos Dimitrakopoulos
Under Threat – Old Port Authority Building
By Alexis Syriopoulos, Patras, Greece, 1960s

Docomomo Greece alerted Docomomo International that the old building of the Port Authority of Patras, Greece, designed by Alexis Syriopoulos in the late 1960s is threatened by the new master plan of the port of Patras, as according to it the building is to be demolished.

Designed by Alexis Syriopoulos, who was an architect, painter, and lecturer at the NTU Athens School of Architecture from 1987 to 1992, the old Port Authority building results from the 1st prize he awarded in a pan-Hellenic architectural competition.

The City of Patras launched in 2019 a 2-stages national architectural competition for the redesign of the coastal front of the city (in practice the area next to the port). One of the terms of the competition was the demolition of the old Port Authority building. In November 2020 the jury of the competition chose the proposals to proceed to the 2nd stage of the competition underlining their objection to the demolition of the Port Authority building  – stating that the building is an important architectural work of Greek post-war architecture; the committee recommended by a majority, “out of respect for this architecture and in the context of protection of the newest architectural heritage of our country, its preservation, knowing that it does not bind the organizing authority.”

Unfortunately, at the end of December 2020 the finance department of the City of Patras approved the decision of the jury regarding the competition; however, they rejected the jury’s disapproval of the demolition of the old Port Authority building.

Still, after the announcement of the winner of the competition, the project will have to go through more approvals and the final decision about the demolition of the old Port Authority building or not, will be taken by Greece’s Central Council for Modern Monuments.

Several actors have already expressed their objection to the demolition, besides Docomomo Greece, like colleagues teaching at other Schools of Architecture, architects, and other citizens.

A photo reportage of the building can be found here.
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