County Archive Building, Landsarkivet

The County Archive Building, “Landsarkivet” from 1903 by architect Carl Möller, in 1971 received an addition by Bernt Nyberg. This building holds its place in architectural history due to its outstanding architectural and artistic qualities. With its powerful shape and sensitive handling of materials, the archive building is one of the foremost examples of modernistic brick architecture in Sweden.
“Landsarkivet” also is an excellent example of how modernistic architecture can be added to traditional architecture and create a strong artistic whole. With its heavy, unbroken wall of “Helsingborg brick”, the annex creates a vital and beautiful relationship to the older buildings of the ensemble. The interplay skilfully brings out the qualities of both old and new parts.
The archive building by Nyberg is part of a tradition of brick building that was developed and passed on by the internationally known Swedish architect Sigurd Lewerentz, creator of the churches in Björkhagen and Klippan. In Skåne (the southernmost part of Sweden) the heritage of Lewerentz has been taken over by Bernt Nyberg, Klas Anshelm and Bengt Edman.
The archive buiding in Lund by Nyberg has an international reputation and is a natural place to visit for architectural enthusiasts from all over the world, who wish to experience and study the tradition of Lewerentz on location. In “Guide to Swedish Architecture” it is one of 380 oeuvres that depict the Swedish architecture during 1000 years.

A conversion into student lodgings is presently projected. We, the undersigned, demand that the archive building by Bernt Nyberg not be mutilated by the penetration of unbroken walls or other exterior changes that will break the architectural whole of annex and ensemble.

More information and Sign document: Landsarkivet