Provided by Docomomo Kosovo
Preservation Good News: Former Germia Shopping Center
Former Germia Shopping Center, Prishtina, Kosovo, 1973

After an active campaign held by Docomomo Kosovo, in order to prevent the demolition of the former Germia Shopping Center, docomomo international is glad to announce that on October 10th 2018, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo published the new list of Protected Cultural Heritage assets which included the Germia building.

The Germia building was originally built to serve as a shopping center but since then it has served as the former Ministry of Public Services, the Ministry of Public Administration, and is currently home to the Tax Administration of Kosovo and the Ministry of Infrastructure.
During the last decade, the building has been subject of interventions and physical alterations, including its iconic façade.

Plans threatening the future of the building included the construction of a new concert hall in that exact same site therefore predicting the demolition of Germia.

Docomomo International congratulates the efforts and dedication of Docomomo Kosovo regarding the safeguard of this socialist-modernist landmark.

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