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Plečnik Stadium – Update: Sign the petition
By Jože Plečnik, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1935

Docomomo Slovenia shared with Docomomo International news regarding the preservation of the Plečnik Stadium. As Docomomo International had already informed on our website (see the previous news here), the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning rejected the request to issuance a building permit for the BŠP project, meaning that this monument of national importance was saved from demolition.

However, the stakeholders of BŠP company, private investor Joc Pečečnik, Municipality of Ljubljana and Olympic Committee of Slovenia, did not abandon the unappropriated project at the site of the monument. At a press conference in April 2021, all three stakeholders expressed their intentions to insist on the BŠP project. The reactions of the private investor Joc Pečečnik and the Municipality of Ljubljana were expected, but the Olympic Committee of Slovenia’s (OKS) statement was a surprise, since in March 2021 OKS announced withdrawing from the BŠP company and from the project.

Hence, a new petition for the Preservation of Plečnik Stadium was started. Please sign it here: link.

Docomomo International hopes that all the awareness being raised on the heritage significance of the Plečnik Stadium will have a positive repercussion.

Information provided by a member of Docomomo Slovenia.