National Theatre of Albania
Giulio Berté, Tirana, Albania, 1938

Docomomo International is now appealing to your foremost interest and concern regarding the situation of National Theatre of Albania.

“Built in 1938 near the Skanderbeg square as an “Italo-Albanian” cultural center, this rationalist building was one of the first Italian architectural works in Albania. Conceived by the architect Giulio Berté, this building – a cultural and sporting center, with a cinema, swimming pool and restaurant – is of historical interest for its original construction technique. The shell of the building, achieved during the economic period of Autarchy, is composed by prefabricated material “populit”, an experimental cement mixed with fibers of poplar and algae.
Renamed the National Theatre, from 1947 it is the principal theatre of Albania.
The Albanian authorities have announced the demolition and the construction of a new complex.”
By Riccardo Forte, Editor in chief Bulletin Docomomo France

The government and the municipality of Tirana claim the buildings are degraded, are of poor quality and cannot be properly maintained. In February, the government asked actors to vacate the building, so the so called inspiring plan to build a new Albanian national theatre, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, could take place.

Facing these circumstances, Docomomo International would like to express encouragement to the on-going efforts to protect the National Theatre of Tirana from eminent demolition.

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Docomomo International Letter of Support: Letter to Albania autorithies-Mayor of Tirana.pdf