São Paulo Modern Architecture

On the previous 12th March, 2018, at the CONPRESP meeting (The Municipal Council for the Preservation of Historical, Cultural, and Environmental Patrimony of the City of São Paulo) a considerable range of modern architecture examples finally obtained classification.

Gregori Warchavchik, Rino Levi, Rodrigo Lefèvre and Oswaldo Bratke are among the authors of the 16 classified projects.
However, there are other significant cases from reference architects such as Vilanova Artigas, Hans Broos, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, in particular the Cidade Universitária da USP or the Parque das Fontes do Ipiranga, among others, that haven´t been yet evaluated. This process represents therefore, an unfinished struggle.

Docomomo International congratulates the enduring efforts on the preservation of São Paulo modern architecture, for its results so far, wishing that all intervenient parties continue pursuing this purpose in order to protect and preserve as much modern examples as possible.

Below you can find the letter [portuguese] prepared for the meeting, that compiles the 28 signatures, academic professionals, the group of teachers and researchers involved on the preservation of these Modern buildings from 1920 to 1970.

More information in the Docomomo Brasil registers: website