Church of Santo António da Polana

The Twentieth Century Society selected Church of Santo António da Polana, Maputo, Mozambique, as building of the month, May 2018.

The church of Santo António da Polana, built in 1962 by Nuno Craveiro Lopes, is a remarkable monument on Maputo city, Mozambique.
A first proposal was designed by the architect Luis Possolo in 1958, according to the common typology. However, and despite the strong disagreement of the metropolis, the order of the Franciscans preferred the posterior project from Nuno Craveiro Lopes whose proposal would convey future value to the church.

“The new Church of Polana assumed itself as an element of reference in the urban landscape, in the image of the most daring models of Modern architecture: a detached object of the ground – or simply perched on vertices – rising in a pyramidal structure of “petals” in reinforced concrete, like an inverted flower. Its interior corresponds to a unique space of circular plan, characterized by the overwhelming presence of the concrete, attenuated by multi-coloured light entrances that flow to him by the top. The interior simplicity is accentuated by the minimalist choice of coating materials. The conceptual unit of this work surpasses its architectural dimension, extending to the design of the furniture and the figurative elements of the stained glass, fulfilling the Modern vocation of integration of the various arts “
By Nuno Pinto da França Craveiro Lopes, the architects son.

After a first intervention in 1992, the building needs further works so activities have been promoted towards the mobilization of the community and support growth

Docomomo International congratulates the strong collective initiative on the preservation of church of Santo António da Polana, hoping that necessary means can be collected in order to pursue this purpose, protecting and preserving such modern example.

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