Brotherhood and Unity Monument and Square

It was with great satisfaction that Docomomo Kosovo Chair Bekim Ramku shared the good news about the threatened Brotherhood and Unity Monument and Square (by Miodrag Zivkovic, Prishtina, Kosovo, inaugurated in 1961).

At the center of the city of Prishtina there is a modernist monument to revolution, designed by the Serbian sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic, which has been occupying a privileged position for more than fifty years in the capital of Kosovo.
It is a symbol dedicated to the fight against fascist occupation during World War II, located at what is now called the Adem Jashari square. Despite the name has been changed (officially in 2010), the whole space commonly retains the name of Brotherhood and Unity among Prishtinali.

Recently Prishtina Municipality started works on the refurbishment of the Brotherhood and Unity square. Even though it campaigned to keep the monument, the new plan threatened to clean up the area and make changes to the so frequently used public space. What represented the biggest concern, was that the new plan could alter the character and integrity of the original design and monument itself.

Therefore, Docomomo International joined forces with Docomomo Kosovo which have had positive influence on the already started works. The alert news was spread out through local journalists and institutions in extraordinary short time, with great effect.  Consequently, the local institute for the protection of monuments quickly prevented works to continue in order to protect the core of the monument.
Successfully, Brotherhood and Unity Monument and Square may now prevail and keep standing as a powerful symbol of Prishtina´s collective memory.

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Docomomo International Letter of Support: PDF below