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Antiguo Mercado Central de Frutas y Verduras de Legazpi [old Fruit and Vegetable Market of Legazpi]
by Francisco Javier Ferrero, Madrid, Spain, 1932-1935

Docomomo International is sorry to inform that demolition works have started this month in the Antiguo Mercado Central de Frutas y Verduras de Legazpi.

After the transformation project for the site, which envisioned serious alteration its patrimonial, architectural and historical values, was approved, it is now unclear what will be the outcome of the works and what will actually remain and be used from the original structure.

The market was an extraordinary testimony of the modern Spanish architecture of the 30s, that had been preserved until now without irreversible alterations. The rationality of its layout and structure, its versatility and its infrastructural condition, made it an indisputable landmark that deserved to be protected.

The previous campaign to preserve the building can be found here

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