Docomomo Brazil
Call for Papers: 13th Seminar of Docomomo Brazil
DATE: 18/3/2019
Docomomo Brazil is inviting you to participate in the 13th Seminar of Docomomo Brazil - "Arquitetura moderna brasileira. 25 anos do Docomomo Brasil. Todos os mundos, um só mundo." [Modern Brazilian architecture. 25 years of Docomomo Brazil. All the worlds, one world], to be held at the School of Architecture UFBA in Salvador-Bahia.

The seminar will take place between the 7th and the 10th October 2019, a draft program can be found at docomomo Brazil´s website.

21st December 2018 - Call for Abstracts started
18th March 2019 - Submission of Abstracts 
20th May 2019 - Submission of Papers 
5th August 2019 - Notification on Acceptance
7th-10th October 2019 - 13th Seminar of Docomomo Brazil

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