Docomomo UK
Talk: Reflections on Alejandro De La Sota. A Pioneer of Modern Architecture in Spain
DATE: 27/11/2018
Docomomo UK organised, with the support from the Instituto Cervantes and the Fundación Alejandro de la Sota
the event "Reflections on Alejandro De La Sota: A Pioneer of Modern Architecture in Spain".

One of the foremost Spanish architects of his time, Alejandro de la Sota (1913-1996) made an important and enduring contribution to architecture in Spain through his teaching, as well as his built work. Many of his followers count him amongst the leading European architects of his generation, and works such as the Civil Government Building in Tarragona (1956-61) and the Maravillas Gymnasium in Madrid (1960-62) have become key influences for subsequent generations of architects worldwide. The relative isolation of the Spanish regime under Franco proved a barrier to the international dissemination of de la Sota’s work until later in his career and he remains less well known in Britain than elsewhere.

Docomomo UK invited the historian William J R Curtis, the architect William Mann and a member of the de la Sota family to lead this talk.

You can find more information here and here