Docomomo US
Cummins Manufacturing Tour
DATE: 27/9/2018
In occasion of the National Symposium to be held in Columbus, IN, Docomomo US prepared several thematic tours.

Cummins Inc.’s visionary design doesn’t stop with diesel engines: their buildings - from engine plants to health centers - are landmarks of architecture and landscape. During this tour guests will visit sites that are usually off-limits to visitors. At Engine Plant Gate 96, see the interaction of successive expansions by Harry Weese and Kevin Roche and trace the remnants of Dan Kiley’s landscape. Get a rare glimpse inside the Cummins Childhood Development Center, designed by Carlos Jiménez Studio in collaboration with CSO architects. At Harry Weese’s Cummins Technical Center, hear from a Cummins engineer. Get a sneak peak at Cummins’ past at the Historic Restoration Center, home to two Indianapolis 500 race cars designed by Harry Weese (yes, really!).

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