Docomomo US
Design for Education and Play: Columbus Schools Tour
DATE: 29/9/2018
In occasion of the National Symposium, Docomomo US prepared several thematic tours.

Columbus’ outstanding investment in good design began with its schools. Faced with growing post-war population, the Cummins Foundation Architecture Program was started to support the building of innovative schools by up-and-coming architects, sparking Columbus’ architectural renaissance. Get an inside look at the exuberant variety of mid-century approaches to school design, from the traditional classroom to the most experimental open plans. Highlights include Schmitt Elementary by Harry Weese (the first school built under the Cummins Foundation program in 1957), John Carl Warnecke’s McDowell School (now a National Historic Landmark), Gunnar Birkerts’ Lincoln Elementary (AIA Honor Award, 1970), the brutalist Southside Junior High by Eliot Noyes, and the colorful “gerbil tubes” of John Johansen’s innovative Smith Elementary School.

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