Docomomo Greece 06. The Return of the Modern. 25 Years Greek Docomomo
DATE: 29/5/2018
Docomomo Greece is celebrating the 25th anniversary. 
In collaboration with the Archive of Neohellenic Architecture - Benaki Museum and the School of Architecture of the NTUA, edited by Emilia Athanassiou, Lina Dima and Tina Karali, Futura publisher has launched an issue in honour to this special occasion. 06. The return of the modern. 25 years Greek Docomomo
Series "Modern notebooks" # 6 

“The sixth volume of Modern Tetrades is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the founding of Greek docomomo. It includes a series of essays highlighting buildings of Greek Modernism that have been better or worse in the passage of time and a series of theoretical approaches to the role and object of documenting and protecting modern architecture. 
It also includes three feature-building studies for the reconstruction of buildings of interwar and post-war Modernism, which are presented by the architects of their restoration.
The (Working committee for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and ensembles of the modern movement) is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1988 and currently has 55 ethnic groups - the Greek team was established in 1990.
The "Notebooks of the Modern" is a cycle of interventions driven initiative of the Greek team and has placed modern architecture in the center of interest.” In Futura Books website

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