Docomomo Switzerland
Conference: Projet, Histoire, Construction III
DATE: 22/5/2018
The cycle of conferences on Projet, Histoire, Construction III: nouveaux regards sur le patrimoine recent, will begin 5th March and proceed until the 22nd May, 2018.

"Documenting twentieth-century architectural production through a meticulous material understanding of it and defining strategies for conservation based on appropriate critical and operational instruments: this is the twofold objective shared by the international organisation Docomomo and the TSAM EPFL-ENAC laboratory, which has hosted the association´s Swiss headquarters.

For its third edition, jointly organized by TSAM and Docomomo Switzerland in partnership with the Gesellschaft für Ingenieurbaukunst, the spring 2018 conference cycle aims to express the multi-faceted potential for safeguarding the modern and contemporary built heritage. By resting its gaze on the meeting point between research into the history of architecture and the practice of design in the existing, including great works of engineering, the papers present an overview of a theme that is evolving unceasingly, while drawing on an extensive and decidedly pluralistic network of knowledge."

Conferences will take place at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – Faculté ENAC, Switzerland, in the «Project Room» - foyer du bâtiment SG.

More details: website + PDF below