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[extended!] Call for Abstracts: International Meeting on Modern Heritage and Best Practices: Sustainability, Conservation, Management and Architectural Design
DATE: 15/12/2017
"Docomomo Chile, Docomomo International and the Faculty of Architecture Design and Urban Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, are organizing a meeting on good practices on modern heritage between 21st and 24th March 2018.

The theme of best practices on modern heritage refers to the set of procedures, ethical guidelines, principles and actions that - through exemplary cases - can configure the most appropriate, judicious and efficient course of action for sustainability, conservation, better management and good design regarding the relationship between heritage and new architecture.

The preservation of modern buildings and complexes, as well as urban spaces and landscape interventions is a dynamic activity, recognizing a growing complexity and expanding its limits beyond any established orthodoxy. In an increasingly diverse context, it is necessary to identify the value of specific cases as examples that can guide the conservation and re-use actions and face the challenges that the different situations pose.

How will modern heritage be preserved and managed? What good practices can be promoted in this field? What can constitute sustainable management of heritage? What can be the heritage sustainability strategies? What role does the community and the citizenry play in these conservation and management practices? What is the role of the experts? What is the role of public agencies and funding agencies, public or private? Which practices deserve to be promoted? 
What role can be played by interventions of new architecture that adapt heritage to current requirements?

These are some of the questions that this International Meeting intends to install on the public agenda.

The meeting aims to discuss and conceptualize best practices on modern heritage, in the fields of sustainability, conservation, management and the relationship with current architecture. The meeting is conceived as a framework to enable interaction between international and national experts with cultural managers and the community.

Likewise, the idea is to promote the consideration of modern heritage among the people, public agents and architecture practitioners, through a series of activities that stress the relevance of local heritage and current experiences being carried out, as well as the possibilities for conservation, management and re-use interventions within the framework of sustainability.

The meeting aims to present a wide range of cases and proposals that can configure good practices integrating themes such as:
- social participation; economic sustainability; energy efficiency, innovative technologies, guidelines, standards and requirements.
- conservation, materiality, integrity, technical solutions, added values, analytic methodologies, paradigmatic cases
- management, public policies, legislation and regulation constraints, education, public concerns, recognizing public values; activism; exemplary cases
- architectural design, adaptivity; spatial and functional transformations, design methods and tools, hybrid strategies, paradigmatic interventions.

Call for Abstracts
The International Meeting will focus on Best Practices in Modern Heritage, in the academic and design communities through four topics. Authors are invited to submit 400 word abstracts, in English or Spanish, and a maximum of 4 images, and a resume of 200 word maximum. The same abstract may not be submitted to multiple topics. Authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to develop the full paper (no longer than 4,000 words) which will be published after the Meeting. 

The International Meeting on Modern Heritage and Best Practices: Sustainability, Conservation, Management and Architectural Design is open for submissions to any professional, faculty, graduate and doctoral students worldwide.

Key Dates
Submission Deadline: 15th December 2017 [extended!]
Notification of acceptance of abstract: 5th January 2018
Advance Registration: 31st January 31 2018
Regular Registration: 10th March 2017
International Meeting: 21st to 24th March 2017

More details: website + PDF below