Docomomo Scotland
Lecture: Edinburgh´s Interwar City Architect E. J. MacRae
DATE: 28/11/2017
"Steven Robb, a heritage specialist, will present housing projects in Edinburgh from the interwar period, which were designed by the then City Architect, Ebenezer James MacRae. In Robb´s talk, titled Obstinately Traditionalist, the Deputy Head of Casework at Historic Environment Scotland will discuss how MacRae became City Architect in 1925 and took over responsibility for housing from the City Engineer, Adam H. Campbell, the following year. Whereas Campbell had experimented with different building types and prefabrication, MacRae returned to traditional masonry construction, holding firm against Modernism, until wartime restrictions caused a change in direction. His work shaped much of the city outside its centre and visualises the conflicting positions held about Modernist architectural design.

The talk will take place on Monday, 28 November, from 18:30 to about 19:30, at the Methodist Church on Edinburgh´s  Nicholson Square, EH8 9BX. Tickets cost £4-6 can be booked online."
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