Docomomo UK
Conference: How to list Modern Buildings
DATE: 11/11/2017
On 11th November 2017, Docomomo UK is preparing a day of presentations and workshops in how to prepare applications for the listing of Modern buildings, at The Gallery at 77, Cowcross Street, London, UK.

"Modern Movement buildings seem to be treated differently from other buildings, both in terms of listing and of subsequent treatment, but is this really the case? If so should it be? If not, in what ways might current conditions be changed so as to improve the conservation of Modern Movement buildings - a key purpose of our organisation. This listing day will inform you about the listing process and give you a chance to put together a listing application for yourself.

Listing is the primary way to ensure heritage protection for buildings of merit from any period. Historic England, as the government’s adviser on the historic environment, recommends buildings for listing either as the result of thematic work or as the result of individuals or organisations submitting buildings to them for consideration. To assess the "national special interest" of buildings and sites for listing, Historic England uses a series of selection guides, arranged typologically, which lay out guidelines for listing based on architectural and historic factors, and give examples as precedents.

Modern buildings - particularly post-war ones - have had a fascinating and at times controversial relationship with the listing process. At a time when the architectural legacy of the recent past is more in the public spotlight than ever, and the capacity of local authorities and organisations to look after ageing building stock is coming under pressure, listing significant buildings from the 20th century was never more important.

The aim of the day is to inform participants about the listing process, how it works, how long it takes and how Historic England uses its selection criteria to make informed judgements about which buildings to list. We will hear from a range of speakers about the process and look at recent case studies, each of which will raise different issues about the listing process for Modern buildings.

In the afternoon session we will work through how to put together a listing application for a building, piecing together the argument for designation based on the combined architectural and historic qualities of the building in question and using Historic England’s criteria.

All are welcome: the day is aimed at anyone who wishes to know more about how listing operates and wishes to engage in the proactive conservation and protection of modern buildings in England.

The day has been organised by Docomomo.UK and is being run by a range of architecture and heritage professionals with expertise and experience in the conservation of modern buildings."

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